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  • The Queen’s Guard

    $ 0.00$ 407.00

    Protection of the royal family from dangers both inside and outside the borders is a job taken most seriously.  Captain Theodosia Batterby leads an elite team of scientists and spies to stay a step ahead of villains at home and abroad.  Her uniform allows her the high fashion standard of a Victorian lady while keeping to the rigid protocol of a Queen’s Guard officer.

  • Lady Killebrew, Pirate Princess

    $ 244.00

    Widow of wealthy Irish landholder Lord Killebrew, the Lady Killebrew first faked her own death, then used her anonymity to regain her family’s wealth and prestige through piracy endorsed by the queen. Though feared by captains of silver-laden Spanish ships, the Lady Killebrew never lost a taste for culture and finery.

  • Sirena Mermaid

    $ 395.00

    During the overnight watch on board a ship at sea, the moonlight can play tricks on the eyes of lonely sailors.  This is the realm of the mermaid–the playful beauties of the Seven Seas.  Her shimmering satin tail is flourished with organza, lame, taffeta, and satin fins, while the boned satin bodice is dripping with pearls and completed with an organza lame shell bra and seashell broach.

  • Girl’s Mermaid

    $ 169.00$ 174.00

    Young mermaids grow up in the isolated safety of the lagoon, before they become more independent and go out to sea.  Her shimmering satin tail is flourished with organza, lame, taffeta, and satin fins.

  • Caribbean Pirate Boy

    $ 486.00$ 506.00

    Standing on the deck of Captain Henry Morgan’s pirate ship Oxford, this strapping young pirate mate awaits arrival in Tortuga. Individual Costume Pieces:

  • Gypsy Rose

    $ 259.00

    Spinning and twirling, tambourine in hand, the gypsy follows only the stars and those fortunes that come her way.  The highlight of the traveling show, Gypsy Rose is always quick to perform, but the twinkle in her eye reminds you not to get too caught up in her dance, lest you leave with empty pockets.

  • Caribbean Pirate Bride

    $ 0.00$ 352.00

    Shimmering like the sea on a sunny summer’s day, the gold and lace of this form flattering gown set the Caribbean Pirate bride apart.  The luxurious finish flashes brilliantly against the verdant backdrop of a Port Royal wedding or in a more formal setting back in Victorian England.

  • Brandi, The Pirate Wench

    $ 259.00$ 274.00

    Raised on sailing ships and accompanied by dragoons and brigands all her life, Brandi is forever married to the sea.  At home with a sidearm on a pirate ship or with beers in hand as a German bar wench, Brandi’s attire is the essence of frivolity and adventure.

  • Pirate Queen

    Grace O'Malley became chieftan of her clan in 16th century Ireland, inherited her father's shipping business, and came to be known far and wide as the richest and most daring female seafarer of her day.  The Pirate Queen of Connacht, as she came to be known, was even entertained at the court of Queen Elizabeth I, and refused to bow before her.  Her garb, flashy but rugged, made her easy to spot on the streets of Dublin!  Pleated bands of satin with Venetian lace drape over arms.  Satin bows accent plunging bodice, while bengaline overskirt frames a panel of watermark lame.

  • Piratess Anne Bonny

    $ 0.00$ 400.00

    Irish pirate Anne Bonny was known for two things–her flowing hair and her hair-trigger temper.  Serving both as captain of her own ship and first mate on Calico Jack’s pirate ship Revenge, Anne developed a reputation by committing her first of many murders at 13.  Anne fought as an equal, keeping her crew in line with her fast sword and sharp tongue.  Her attire reflected her attitude–the heavy fabric coat of a male brigand, cut to accentuate her own womanly figure.

  • Seadevil Tavern Wench

    $ 179.00$ 193.00

    The tavern wench keeps the rowdy at bay with her whip and sharp tongue. Satin dress features ruched sides to create the look of lacey bloomers. Her velveteen bodice is attached to the dress to create a bust-enhancing and flattering fit at all times.

  • Caribbean Pirate

    $ 0.00$ 599.00

    Whether plundering the gold-laden ships of the Spanish Main, carousing with a wild and raucous gang in Port Royal, or weathering the storms of Bermuda with a rowdy crew, the Caribbean pirate captain had to be ready for anything.  So did his clothing.  With a splash of military pomp but built to withstand hard living at sea, this pirate’s overcoat looks ready for the high seas.

  • Captain Bellamy

    $ 0.00$ 486.00

    Captain Samuel “Black Sam” Bellamy captured 53 ships in one year.  The wealthiest pirate in history, his wild lifestyle only allowed him to enjoy his riches until the age of 28.  Known for his mercy and generosity towards those he captured and for his tailored garb and flowing black hair, Captain Bellamy commanded respect and adoration among his men.  Calf-length velvet coat trimmed in rich gold.

  • Swashbuckler

    $ 204.00$ 220.00

    Venezuelan pirate Renato Beluche–flamboyant, colorful, and brash–defined what it meant to be a “swashbuckler”.  Taking turns as Jean Lafitte’s business partner, Simon Bolivar’s favorite admiral, and freelancing brigand, Captain Beluche wore his reputation proudly.  Trimmed in gold buttons, wide collars, and a touch of flair, the Swashbuckler is Renato Beluche personified.

  • Pirate Boy

    $ 134.00$ 139.00

    Learning rigging and sails, swordplay and navigation, this young pirate started as a deck-swabbing cabin boy and hopes one day to captain his own ship on the Spanish Main.

  • Little Pirate Wench

    $ 144.00$ 154.00

    Serving up grog for her father’s crew, this little pirate wench might be the toughest sailor on the ship.  Wise beyond her years from a lifetime of sailing the Caribbean, her feet have rarely touched solid ground.