Complete Studios, Installation, & Training

Are you looking for a highly portable event photography studio? Ashley Nostalgia has just what you need to start running an efficient and profitable Event Photo Operation! Looking to just get started or if you’re making this an effective event photo operation – we have the experience and equipment you need!
Made for more permanent locations, these packages are intended for Old Time Photo operations at a specific location. Whether you’re just looking to get started or are looking to equip an amusement park location – we have just what you need to get up and running!

Complete Studios are our Specialty!

Have you found the perfect location or event for a souvenir photo operation? Great! We have every thing else that you will need to plan, install, train, and finally open a profitable photo booth. Ashley Nostalgia has top of the line turn-key studio packages. From the “just want to try it out” Starter Package to the “everything and the kitchen sink” Premier Package we have it all (You can also customize your own package)! With over 35 years in the Old Time Photo business – Ashley Nostalgia gives you experience you can rely on!


A few satisfied clients:



Cobh Pasttimes



Oregon, USA

Alaska Dreams

Alaska, USA

  • Nestled in the shadow of Deer Mountain and the Tongass Narrows is the idyllic town of Ketchikan, where lies the newest Ashley Nostalgia customer; Alaska Dreams an Old Time and Adventure Photo Studio! Stop by and see owners Jim and Julie Alexander and have your photo riding a moose! Alaska Dreams is a recently established old Time Photo studio and received costumes, equipment, and supplies from Ashley Nostalgia

    Jim and Julie Alexander • Alaska Dreams
  • Kirk and Jeni Bachelder are used to doing it up big at carnivals, festivals, and fairs but they have never done Old Time Photos so when they wanted the biggest and the best they came to Ashley Nostalgia of course! With their brand new but beautiful studio trailer that is 20’ x15’ and having just finished the Ashley Nostalgia training they managed to do $10,000 dollars in their first weekend OPEN! Congratulations to the Bachelders from Oregon for an amazing new venture “into the past”!

    Kirk and Jeni Bachelder
  • Fraispertuis-City is a western themed family amusement park in Jeanmenil in the Vosges Mountains in Eastern France. Surrounded by beautiful forests on rolling hills, it has been owned and operated for the past 48 years by the wonderfully hospitable Fleurent family. When they chose to add an Old Time Photo Studio, they came to Ashley Nostalgia, making them the only theme park in France to offer Old Time Photos. Best of Luck to you; Patrice, Christelle, Marie, Cle and the rest of the Fraispertuis-City Family!

    Fleurent family • Fraispertuis-City
  • On the southern coast of Ireland lies the picturesque town of Cobh (pronounced “cove”). It is nestled in the hills overlooking the second largest natural harbor in the world and the home of the only Old Time Photo studio in all the Emerald Isle. The studio is on the waterfront and has 4 sets that are drawn on the local history. Congratulations Cobh Pastimes Old Time Photos, Fionnghuala Smith and the Irish gang. Thanks for the great time and if you visit be sure to stop at the Roaring Donkey, “where the craic is mighty”!!!

    Fionnghuala Smith • Cobh Pastimes Old Time Photos

Ready to Get Started?


Ashley Nostalgia has sold, set-up, and trained more people to do old time photos over the last 37 years than any one in the business.   We have set up hundreds of studios all over the world including Israel, Hong Kong, Dubai, France, and up near the Arctic Circle. As we install, we train, so that by the time we leave, your studio is one hundred percent operational.


Ashley Nostalgia also trains you or your staff to run old time photos.  We will either come to you or you can come to us.   We teach you every aspect of the business. We have manuals on posing, software manipulation, trouble shooting, day to day operations, pricing structure, employee pay bonuses, and sales.  With our 24 /7 tech support you will not be left to fend for yourself, we will be there every step of the way.