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  • Faith – Vest & Skirt

    $ 135.00$ 155.00

    Charity’s most trusted confidant and friend, Faith is always backstage with an encouraging word and a kind heart.  Free-spirited and bubbly, Faith still has dreams of Broadway stardom.  Her seamlessly fitted pinstripe vest, designed with low neckline, rhinestone buttons with zoot chain, and velvet pocket welts, is accompanied with a short twill skirt outlined in sequin trim and large rhinestones.  Together, they are her ticket to the Big Apple.

  • Hope – Skirt & Blouse

    $ 137.00$ 157.00

    The most popular of the cabaret girls, Hope is a professional.  With little tolerance for pie-in-the-sky daydreaming and other nonsense, she keeps the girls of the chorus line grounded and together.  Without her, the show can not go on.  Her sparkly stretch blouse is highlighted with sequined trim at the scoop neckline.  The high-waised pinstripe skirt is accented with velvet pocket welts, large rhinestones, a long zoot chain, and finished with suspenders.

  • Sweet Charity – Corset & Skirt

    $ 195.00$ 215.00

    Charity lives in the flashy world of big dreams and chorus lines, but longs to leave the fast and loose life she leads in hopes of finding love.  Until she finds it, though, Charity’s big smile, top hat, short fringe-lined pinstripe skirt, fringed, form-fitting, sequin trimmed, twill corset keep her the star of the cabaret.

  • CanCan

    Can-Can Dress

    $ 229.00$ 256.00

    Inspired by the Moulin Rouge, our French Can-Can dress features a fitted bengaline bodice with padded lace covered cups and flowing ruffled skirt of taffeta. You’d never want to miss the Ca- Can girl’s kiss.

  • The Ivory Lady

    $ 182.00$ 202.00

    Working as a dancer, singer, and general entertainer throughout the Chicago cabaret circuit, Tessa Delisle became the favorite of every Prohibition-dodging gangster in the city.  Her dazzling and daring dress and headband set off her delicate features, leading her to become known in mob circles as just “The Ivory Lady”.  Her unique ensemble combines the sultriness of the cabaret singer with the whimsy of the speakeasy, featuring a plunging neckline with a lace-over-nude satin inset and wide shoulder straps.  The satin dress is trimmed with sequins, and includes a belted drop waist and double zig-zag fringed hemline.

  • Charlie Bare

    $ 0.00$ 362.00

    Part time crooner, part time producer, part time manager, and full time “entrepreneur,” Charlie rules the Big Spender Cabaret.  His flashy overcoat is styled to match his equally showy vest and neatly finished pants.

  • Little CanCan Dress

    $ 164.00$ 171.00

    Dance the cancan? You bet she can can. Fitted bengaline bodice with padded lace covered cups and flowing ruffled skirt of bengaline with attached taffeta ruffles.