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    Young Aristocrat

    $ 110.00 $ 99.00

    A young Victorian boy could go far in life if he has the right upbringing, and the right last name.  This young member of the aristocracy is ready to meet the world in his frock coat, double-breasted vest, ascot tie, and twill pants.


  • Oliver Twist w/ Hat

    $ 139.00$ 144.00

    Oliver Twist–raised in a workhouse then taken in by a band of street criminals, plies his pickpocketing trade on the dingy back streets of  Cheapside London before being adopted into a loving home.

  • Tiny Tim

    $ 0.00$ 272.00

    The newly healed Tiny Tim sings praises of his miraculous recovery. His velvet cape is lined in taffeta, and is worn atop a long Victorian dovetail coat and taffeta vest with velveteen lapels and ascot tie.

  • LIttle Boy Blue

    $ 0.00$ 158.00

    With Mother’s first kiss on the cheek, Little Boy Blue heads off for his first day at school. Brocade vest has Peter Pan collar and oversized satin bow, paired with Victorian tux tail overcoat.

  • Young Jim Dandy

    $ 0.00$ 199.00

    With a swagger in his walk, Young Jim Dandy portrays the position and privilege of his family. Dovetail coat has tapered tails and is trimmed in satin, worn over a Victorian-styled velvet vest with checked lapels and ascot tie.

  • Little Lord Suit (Little Lord Edward)

    $ 103.00$ 107.00

    Third in line for the throne, little Lord Edward may one day be the king of all England. One-piece velveteen suit features oversized collar, satin bows and cummerbund.

  • Canadian Mounty Tunic w/ Pants

    $ 97.00

    Ready to keep the peace; armed with a happy heart and a boy’s best friend. This little man will grow up to “always get his man.” This red twill is complemented with a navy collar stay and features regal buttons, white cording and authentic stars and stripes of a bygone era. Cuffs piped in navy.  This item is the infant’s version of the combined BC56 and BC57 (Canadian Mounty Tunic and Pants).