MENS Renaissance

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  • Ali Baba

    $ 0.00$ 168.00

    By his ingenuity and wit, Ali Baba overcame the forty thieves and became the rich merchant we see here.  Includes pleated lame cummerbund and vest of velvet and satin, trimmed in sequins, with matching cotton pants.

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    The Barbarian

    $ 145.00$ 151.00

    Villagers in every civilized town feared him, while the soldiers stationed on the frontier wall grudgingly respected his prowess in battle.  The Barbarian is clothed in leather, fur, and supreme masculine confidence.  With his axe and his bravery, he could conquer and plunder whatever he set his eyes upon.

  • Braveheart

    $ 0.00$ 424.00

    A commoner in Scotland, he led his country in a brilliant military strategy against the very powerful English.  Velvet knee-length jerkin trimmed in metallic braid and gold studs with box-pleated skirt, complete with lightweight metallic knight’s suit.

  • King Arthur

    $ 0.00$ 528.00

    His deep love for Guinevere was matched only by his devotion to Camelot.  King Arthur’s authentic period costume includes doublet, shirt, pants, and heather cape.

  • Captain Porthos, Musketeer

    $ 0.00$ 524.00

    This ladies’ man denies himself nothing; it may be seen easily that he is accustomed to living well.  Long velvet tunic lined in satin with metallic trim and appliqués moves with amorous appeal atop the matching satin shirt with Venetian lace jabot and cuffs.

  • Ivanhoe

    $ 0.00$ 371.00

    Moving from woods and forests to castles and country mansions around York and Sheffield, Ivanhoe loyally followed King Richard I.  Velvet tunic with alternating panels, trimmed with metallic braids and appliquéd crests, worn over the lightweight Metallic Knight Suit.

  • D’Artagnan, Captain of the Musketeers

    $ 0.00$ 323.00

    Even without his three companions, D’Artagnan was a daunting swashbuckler.  Tunic features velvet fabric with appliqued gold lion, shirt features oversized collar and puffed sleeves, knickers designed to complement both tunic and shirt.

  • King Henry VIII

    $ 163.00$ 610.00

    As the second ruling monarch of the Tudor Dynasty, King Henry VIII made the mistake of falling in love with Anne Boleyn, compromising his monarchy.  Velvet robe with braid and faux fur trim, washable satin shirt and matching bloomers round out his kingly ensemble.

  • King Midas

    $ 0.00$ 515.00

    A foolish and greedy man, Midas got his wish. Everything he touched turned to gold as long as he wore his velvet robe with faux lambswool trim, studded down each side of the front with multicolored jewels in various shapes. Under the robe, he wears a sleeveless brocade gown with padded collar.

  • King Richard the Lionheart

    $ 0.00$ 509.00

    Fresh back from his campaign to free the Holy Land from the heathen, the King finds he has more problems at home.  Rich, regal velvet, appliqued tunic features lions and heavy metallic trim.

  • Sir Lancelot

    $ 0.00$ 361.00

    Sir Lancelot–the King’s best friend, yet his worst enemy.  Handsome Sir Lancelot was the greatest knight of the Round Table.  Velvet tunic with appliqued shield and gold trim, worn under our lightweight, metallic-effect knight suit.

  • Merlin the Sorcerer

    $ 350.00

    An important shaman, Merlin was welcomed readily in King Arthur’s Court, dressed in a velvet robe lined in star brocade with high boned stand-up collar.  Trimmed in silver metallic braid.  One size fits all.

  • Jester

    $ 274.00

    Make us laugh! Make us cry! Fill our day with all the funny things you do!  Satin suit and knickers with multi-colored diamond panes.  Multi-pointed collar and tunic dripping with bells.

  • Robin Hood Tunic & Belt

    $ 279.00$ 284.00

    It was during this time, from the disposed and banished of England that this “Prince of Thieves” and his companions arose.  They plundered as outlaws but were benevolent to the poor.  Rugged twill tunic features studded, removable sleeves and placket of imitation leather.  Appliqued gold-trimmed, studded collar is leather laced, imitation leather belt completes the ensemble.

  • Romeo Shirt, Bloomers, and Tunic

    $ 321.00$ 326.00

    Juliet needeth not ask, “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?” when she seeth him in his satin shirt peeking through the openings of his box-pleated tunic. Sleeves accented by rows of rattail trim are attached by satin loops and grommets. Satin panel bars give contrast to velvet bloomer.