Benefits of Purchasing your Software through Ashley Nostalgia:

Triprism• Free in-house Tech support through Ashley Nostalgia
• Computer & Software Set Up by Ashley Nostalgia
• 1 Year of FREE Technical Support Included
• Plus Teps-X Technical support and:

• 160 green screen backgrounds for all your green screen needs including
• Backdrops
• Magazine Covers
• Seasonals
• Christmas Card

TriPrism, Inc. is the leader in photography software computers operating on the Apple platform. TriPrism offers a green screen technology for high quality background replacement. “The TEPS-X Portrait and Event workflow software is designed for professional photographers seeking digital technology solutions to expedite the process of delivering their products and services to their customers (TriPrism).” The software sets up quickly, has an easy user interface, and is capable of working with a almost any digital camera or printer.

TEPS-X Share has adapted the software to increase productivity and has added data synchronization for all cameras. TriPrism also provides technical support for their software and upgrades for one full year.

Because of the customization needed in making sure your computer is set up for success; Ashley Nostalgia sells our software bundled with a Macintosh computer.  In most instances, we use Mac Mini’s from Apple; however, other computers (iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro) may be an option.  Click below for our current options.

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