GIRLS Wild West

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  • Little Blaze Star

    $ 0.00$ 151.00

    Dazzling, pretty, and bright—she danced into late in the night. Boned and lined brocade corset with narrow lace at top and wide lace at bottom features multiple vertical rows of braid.

  • Little Calamity Jane

    $ 172.00$ 179.00

    Martha Jane Camary, the famous sharpshooter and horsewoman, earned her nickname by threatening that calamity would befall any man who offended her. Fitted jacket features cavalry cuffs and extra long fringe epaulets accented with hairpipes, buffalo-head buttons and pony beads. Skirt offers multi-layers of flattering fringe panel.

  • Little Nellie Knicker

    $ 132.00$ 139.00

    Little Nellie was the tease of the neighborhood in her lacy knickers. One-piece cotton camisole/petticoat has cups trimmed with lace and ribbon. Extravagant lace on the bottom is ruched up to give the effect of knickers. Velvet corset features lace-up front.

  • Little Callie Corset

    $ 113.00$ 120.00

    Early on, Callie practiced her dance steps on the kitchen table and the family’s upright piano. Flattering fitted corset features slightly padded bra with halter strap, trimmed with fringe and black lace. Bengaline skirt is trimmed in fringe.

  • Little Kelli Briscoe

    $ 119.00

    Little Kelli Briscoe went to San Francisco. The men were brash and bold, but Kelli got the gold! Full velvet dress sports short draped skirt, padded cups and gold metallic fringe trimming.

  • Little Brazen Glory

    $ 99.00$ 106.00

    Attitude is all it takes for this brazen beauty to get attention. Boned brocade bodice trimmed with lace, braid and satin bows down the center portend the future. Shimmering satin skirt with self ruffle.

  • Baby Kate

    $ 89.00$ 99.00

    Even though her mama was the town madame and dressed her accordingly, this sweet babe in later years rejected this immoral lifestyle and married a Baptist preacher.  Dress features lace atop satin, a velvet center panel, and gigot sleeves.

  • Little Sundown Sadie

    $ 147.00$ 154.00

    This little lass shines bright all day. Bengaline dress is trimmed with lace on bodice and sleeves. Narrow lace and braid trim out-line bodice while the top layer of the skirt drapes over the hips. The bottom two skirts are box pleated with rolled hem on the edges giving this dress a distinctive dance hall appearance.

  • Star La Rose

    $ 113.00$ 127.00

    With aspirations to be a famed dancer, this little lady later became the toast of Virginia City. Girl’s version of Star La Rouge features tapestry bodice, off-the-shoulder straps and satin swags, all trimmed with fringe.

  • Little Jesey Lil

    $ 109.00$ 133.00

    Even as a child she dreamt of the stage and never imagined how celebrated and rich she would one day become. Girl’s version of Jersey Lil’ features velveteen bodice, lacy gathered shoulder straps and satin skirt with lace ruffle.