LADIES Renaissance

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  • The Queen’s Guard

    $ 0.00$ 407.00

    Protection of the royal family from dangers both inside and outside the borders is a job taken most seriously.  Captain Theodosia Batterby leads an elite team of scientists and spies to stay a step ahead of villains at home and abroad.  Her uniform allows her the high fashion standard of a Victorian lady while keeping to the rigid protocol of a Queen’s Guard officer.

  • Astred, the Barbarian

    $ 195.00

    From the hills and trees beyond the wall, the barbarians emerge.  Faces daubed in blue and red, they rattle axes and swords, raising a battle cry to the skies and bringing fear and trembling to all who stand watch at the gates.  Trimmed in fur and bones, the Barbarian Queen Astred poses a striking figure in the din of battle.

  • Gypsy Rose

    $ 259.00

    Spinning and twirling, tambourine in hand, the gypsy follows only the stars and those fortunes that come her way.  The highlight of the traveling show, Gypsy Rose is always quick to perform, but the twinkle in her eye reminds you not to get too caught up in her dance, lest you leave with empty pockets.

  • Fairy Rose

    $ 259.00

    An enigmatic being, the fairy could act as trusted friend, impish trouble maker, or beguiling foe.  Whatever the case, the appearance of a fairy has always meant that you are close to adventure, for lives with fairies are never dull.  Mutli-colored petaled skirt and corset are accented by ethereal wings.

  • Karena Belly Dancer

    $ 259.00

    As Ali Baba’s favorite, this exotic dancer could spellbind and mesmerize any Sultan of the desert sands. Padded sequined bra is dripping with beads and trim. Sequined straps are covered with chiffon. Sequined belt draped with beads and trim offers many unveiling chiffon panels.

  • The Sultan’s Harem

    $ 229.00

    World famous for its beauties, no other harem dressed like the harem of the Ottoman Sultan. Bra has padded cups with metallic trim, halter neck strap and jewel at center front. Bolero is metallic brocade with layered translucent chiffon sleeves. The pants also start with a metallic brocade belt while the whimsical chiffon catches the breeze. The rich gold metallic braid trims the entire ensemble.

  • Caribbean Pirate Bride

    $ 0.00$ 352.00

    Shimmering like the sea on a sunny summer’s day, the gold and lace of this form flattering gown set the Caribbean Pirate bride apart.  The luxurious finish flashes brilliantly against the verdant backdrop of a Port Royal wedding or in a more formal setting back in Victorian England.

  • Brandi, The Pirate Wench

    $ 259.00$ 274.00

    Raised on sailing ships and accompanied by dragoons and brigands all her life, Brandi is forever married to the sea.  At home with a sidearm on a pirate ship or with beers in hand as a German bar wench, Brandi’s attire is the essence of frivolity and adventure.

  • Seadevil Tavern Wench

    $ 179.00$ 193.00

    The tavern wench keeps the rowdy at bay with her whip and sharp tongue. Satin dress features ruched sides to create the look of lacey bloomers. Her velveteen bodice is attached to the dress to create a bust-enhancing and flattering fit at all times.

  • Elizabeth Queen of England

    $ 0.00$ 402.00

    Elizabeth was just twenty-five years old, and Queen of England. For the first time in her life, her destiny lay in her own hands. Shantung bodice reversed and ruched up with dazzling rhinestones then inserted onto sleeve caps. Metallic trim and lame piping add monarchal splendor. Large tear-drop rhinestones and metallic braid frame her regal crown.

  • Maid Marian

    $ 0.00$ 342.00

    As Robin’s fair maiden, her beauty and grace were second only to her generous heart. Metallic lace covers a narrow fitted bodice and romantic gigot sleeves. Full skirt worn over narrow hoop.

  • Princess Buttercup

    $ 175.00$ 205.00

    A fairy tale princess whose innocence and virtue are revealed in the simple lines of lace elegance. Floral brocade dress in highlighted with plunging neckline, inset lace, outlined in tapestry trim.

  • Mary, Queen of Scots

    $ 0.00$ 387.00

    Her beauty disguises the cruel heart that beats within. This majestic dress features a velveteen bodice triangulated with elaborate metallic brocade. Her lame ruffled collar frame a flattering and bust-enhancing neckline. Brocade, fitted sleeves are complimented with velvet, spilt half sleeve. Generous satin skirt fits over narrow hoop and is split to reveal brocade front panel.

  • Lady Capulet

    $ 214.00$ 229.00

    Famed heroine radiates the beauty from whence would spring the world’s greatest love story. Velvet bodice crisscrossed with rich gold trim. Double puff panned sleeves are slashed to reveal gold lame. Skirt is gathered satin.