Old Time Photo Studios

2Have you found the perfect location or event for an old time photo studio? Great! We have every thing else that you will need to plan, install, train, and finally open a profitable old time photo studio. Ashley Nostalgia has top of the line turn-key studio packages. From the “just want to try it out” Starter Package to the “everything and the kitchen sink” Premier Package we have it all (You can also customize your own package).

Pro Package

Retain some of the portability of the Starter Package while adding more costume variety and heavier-duty equipment with our Pro Package. Designed for a two-employee operation, the Pro Package offers better flexibility in what you can offer your customers.

Resort Package

Created with the needs of a tourist attraction or resort in mind, this package is a bit larger and offers a wider range of historical eras in costuming. More sizes and styles means more value for your money, while quick printing time keeps you up and running.

Amusement Package

Step up your game with our Amusement Package! This collection offers a great variety in costuming, covering 3 eras with or without children’s costumes. Especially useful in small to moderate-sized amusement parks where you can average more sittings per hour, it also features our 3-D Western Bar scene and two additional backdrops.

Theme Park Package

Maximize your earning potential with our Theme Park Package. This package is built for permanent studio locations where you can offer the largest costume and photo variety, but is still efficient enough to run smoothly with 6-10 employees.

Premier Package

If you want the best, the Premier Package provides it all: permanent, 3-D sets for increased realism, five historical eras of costumes in every size, and maximum money-making power for the highest average sales. If you have the foot traffic, the Premier Package can make the most of every sitting.

Build Your Own Studio

Want our help but don’t see a package that meets your needs?  Our Build Your Own option has the flexibility to mix and match components from all the various categories!


Ashley Nostalgia has sold, set-up, and trained more people to do old time photos over the last 37 years than any one in the business.   We have set up hundreds of studios all over the world including Israel, Hong Kong, Dubai, France, and up near the Arctic Circle. As we install, we train, so that by the time we leave, your studio is one hundred percent operational.


Ashley Nostalgia also trains you or your staff to run old time photos.  We will either come to you or you can come to us.   We teach you every aspect of the business. We have manuals on posing, software manipulation, trouble shooting, day to day operations, pricing structure, employee pay bonuses, and sales.  With our 24 /7 tech support you will not be left to fend for yourself, we will be there every step of the way.

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