Theme Park Package

$ 88,229.00

Maximize your earning potential with our Theme Park Package. This package is built for permanent studio locations where you can offer the largest costume and photo variety, but is still efficient enough to run smoothly with 6-10 employees.

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Theme Park Package – Digital Old Time Photo Studio


Size Requirement: Large (1000-2000 square ft. minimum)
Portability: Made for permanent locations
Photo Size: Varied (wallets, 3×4, 3×5, 3.5×5, 4×5, 5×7, 6×8, 8×10, 8×12)
Photo Style: Varied (Sepia, Color, Black & White, Hand Tinted Color)
Average Sale: Very High ($50.00-$70.00)
Printing Time: Quick (less than 30 seconds per print- Each printer prints under 60 sec./2 prints)
Skill Level Required: Beginner (4 Days of training recommended)
Costume Range: Excellent variety (4 eras – Adults & Children, all sizes)
Sittings Per Man Hour: Average 6 sittings per employee per hour (minimum recommended- 3-10)

Studio & Printing Equipment: $10,712
2 High End digital megapixel cameras, 2 card readers, 5 PC cards, 2 Apple computers with keyboard, mouse, and flat screen monitors, 2 Thermal Dye Sub high speed digital printers (1 up to 8×12, 1 up to 6×8), surge protectors, 2 batteries (includes battery & charger), all connectors

Software 1 Year License: free tech support & online sales: $ 995
2 easy to use professional old time photo software, unlimited prints, free tech support, free upgrades, free internet hosting, over 160 old time photo backdrops, holiday cards & overlays, magazine covers & sports cards, multiple packaging (8×10, 2-5×7’s, wallets etc.), multiple printing colors (sepiatone, color, black & white, hand tinted color)

Costumes & Props: $ 37,402
Includes approximately 70 Ladies & Girls costumes, 70 Men’s & Boys costumes with 150 Hats & Props

Studio Lighting: $ 5,833
4 high end flash heads, 4 high end light connectors, 4 high end reflectors, high end tripod & tripod dolly with green screen, and motorized backdrop holder

3D Immersion western bar scene $ 6,875
Fully Decorated with Props & signs, 8’x8′

3D Immersion Victorian parlour scene  $4,487
Fully Decorated with Props & signs, 8’x8′

Painted Backdrop with curtains & mounting box  $3,901
Hand Painted Backdrop in customers choice of theme, 10’x10′

Counters, Railings, Antique Furniture & Misc.  $ 11,512
Includes 2 portable dressing rooms with drapes, 1 point counter, 1 cash wrap/sales counter.
Antique Reproduction Camera Box, Antique Reproduction Nickelodeon.
Costume clips, hangers, hat racks, waterfalls, salesman rack, stools, risers, framing guns/nails

Signs: $4,517
Complete set of custom hand-painted signs (1 Main, 2 Specialty, 4 Instructional)

Training & Tech Support: $ 1,995
*Up to 4 days of complete & comprehensive training on all equipment, software, employee manuals, hiring procedures, sales and marketing (for details see studio-training flyer)
*One year of tech support on all equipment and consulting on all aspects of the business, 365 days a year 24 hrs./day
*1 Set of floor plans for your studio including electrical/lighting needs, studio flow as well as photos & drawings of set & studio ideas

Total Package Price:  $ 88,229

**Annual Potential Revenue- based on ideal location & optimum results $150,000-$300,000

Toll Free 866-Old-Foto, Inquiries 972-723-5071

Call us about leasing opportunities!

**Ashley Nostalgia does not guarantee any revenue.
*Descriptions are averages, results may vary. All prices are subject to change.

Training takes place in Midlothian, TX. If you desire training in your location, you will be charged for Ashley’s travel expenses.

Our Refund Policy is for Exchange or In House Credit Only. No Refunds Available

Mailing address: 105 N 3rd Street, Midlothian, TX 76065 


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